"Without a struggle, there can be no progress."
- Frederick Douglass

The struggle continues to this day and is as important as ever. Lets
keep pushing, not just for ourselves but for future generations.

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The issues

Important issues are being debated on a daily basis that will affect our
shared future for years to come. Find out where we stand and what you can do to help.

  • Climate change

    The vast majority of climate scientists agree that climate change is real.

    The choices we make now will have global ramifications on humanity as a whole for generations to come.

    It is critical we seperate politics from science and get this right so our children have a future.

  • Campaign finance reform

    The only way to ensure real election reform is to pass a constitutional amendment that provides for public financing of elections and the total ban of donations to politicians or campaigns by both political action committees and private individuals.

    Let's put an end to corruption in Washington.

  • Universal healthcare

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed in 2010 was a good first step toward comprehensive health coverage for every individual regardless of socio-economic status.

    We are continuing the fight to defend and advance the progress we've made toward universal coverage.

  • Comprehensive immigration reform

    America is a nation of immigrants.

    It is important to respect the human rights of all people regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.

    We support comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

  • Tax reform

    We must work together to end the regressive tax system that allows major multinational corporations to pay little to no taxes while the middle-class and poor are asked to pay more than their millionaire bosses.

    It's time to bring back Glass-Seagall, increase the estate tax, chain the capital gains tax to the income tax, and implement the Buffet rule.

  • Expand Social Security

    Social security has provided a much needed safety net to millions of elderly Americans allowing them to live independently and with dignity after retirement.

    We must fight to protect social security as we know it today and expand it by uncapping the social security tax.

  • Equality

    Now more than ever, we must all stand in solidarity against racism, sexism, xenophobia, and all other forms of bigotry. We must both protect the non-discrimination protections that already exist as well as vigorously defend the equality of all Americans in the future.

  • Minimum wage

    The minimum wage is meant to provide a living wage to millions of Americans. It must be raised to $15/hr and indexed to inflation.

    No American working full time should live in poverty.

  • Universal education

    Education is critical to the success of our nation. The money we invest in public education is returned to us in increased productivity.

    It is in our collective shared interest to have the most highly educated work force in the world.

  • End unnecessary wars

    It's time to end unnecessary wars all over the world that make us less safe.

    Military force should only be used on a defensive basis as a last resort.

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